Artist Quotes and Aphorism - Display on screen for longer

Could you please give us more time to read the artist quotes at the roon opening, the aphorism


Some users seem to be of a different opinion, but I like the quotations, too. It’s pretty frustrating if you can’t finish reading them. The only good thing about it is that this is happening because your system is fast…:grinning: BTW, one of my favourite quotations is “Don’t fear mistakes. There are none” (Miles Davis). Pretty short one, too.:joy:

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Please Nooooooooooooo!!!

1- Let us choose to disable
2- Give us more time or let us close the window by ourselves

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Got to love the quotes:

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Agree totally. Need to be on screen longer, or give us option of display time, or ability to remove, or just remove them. I can look at quotations in Forbes as long as I want or do a screen capture or copy text. This should be a very simple setting(s).

And do I actually care? No, I don’t. But my girlfriend has complained about it, so good enough for me. I have way too many other things that should be addressed first, but most of mine seem to be “No, we don’t want to let you do that” Applish-mentality.

Please remove. They’re totally tacky. Bah humbug.