Artist Search Bug is alive and well

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Nuc, Linux, Rock 1.7 (build 571)

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WiFi: Eero

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Audio Server: Meridian MC200
Roon display: Ipad Pro

I have read a couple closed threads from early and mid 2019 but here it is a year and half later and the artist search bug is still alive and well. The latest 3 (that I can remember) of many have been Duke Ellington, Son House, and today, Benny Goodman so it is not an obscure artist search. However, it only seems to happen with artists in which no albums have been saved. Here is how it works:

I search Benny Goodman and get a page that displays compositions with the option of My Library or Tidal. There is no option for Performer/Composer as in most artist searches. It gives me a list of compositions in my collection, then a group of “Similar To” artists and then a group of “Influenced By” artists and then “Collaborated With”. No Benny Goodman albums are listed.

To find Benny Goodman albums I have to go back to the search page and click on Benny Goodman Trio. This then displays some albums. If I click on one these albums and then click on a blue highlighted Benny Goodman in the album description, it then displays a page with the Performer/Composer option and a bunch of Benny Goodman albums. If I save an album from this page and search Benny Goodman again, I now get the Performer/Composer page and all his albums.

I tried the same thing with Benny Goodman & His Orchestra and did not get to the Performer/Composer page. It just took me back to the original page I started with.

Thanks for reaching out about this, Keith. I checked with the team on this and confirmed that this is still something we are hoping to resolve in the future. Our product manager has more information about this here:

Apologies for the trouble!

“For now, the workaround is to add a performance to your library – any performance, whether it’s an album, track, feature, etc – and then you’ll have access to the Performer view.”

Except in the case as stated in my post, that saving the Benny Goodman Orchestra did not yield any results but saving the Benny Goodman Trio did.

It’s an easy bug to work around, but it’s fascinating to me that it’s so difficult fix. Not a criticism, just an observation.

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