Artist search flaws

I have noticed this on several artists, but here’s the latest example.

If I search for Sepultura, it is found, I click on a first artist hit (it has picture and everything), but, on the artist page populated with bio, there are no albums

However, if I search for their latest album Quadra, it doesn’t appear in suggestions while typing, but the search finds it, all songs are present and if I click on Sepultura link there, I get to the same page as before, but with all albums.

What is also interesting, I cannot rate that album.

P.S. I use Tidal and I have no local Sepultura albums.

Hi @gmit2,

Can you share a screenshot of the Sepultura artist page?

Sure. The first screenshot is what I get from the search. The second is if I find the album and go to the artist from there.

On other artists I get what is shown on the second screenshot.

Hi @gmit2,

Thanks for the screenshots! It looks like you’re running into a known issue — Currently, when you have only compositions from an artist and no albums added to your library, selecting that artist only allows you to see the composer page, not the performer page.

The team is aware of this and we are hoping to address this in a future update. In the meantime, if you add one of this artist’s albums to your library, it should resolve the issue for you.


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Good to know, thanks!

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