Artist search not showing all of the same albums as Tidal's separate iOS app


I’ve just started both a Roon and Tidal trial and the first thing I searched is Genesis.

When I go to ‘all albums’ in the separate Tidal iOS app I can see albums like ‘According to Phil Collins’

But when I go to the Tidal Genesis artist page through Roon, this same album (According to Phil Collins) and others don’t show.

However when I search Roon for the specific album ‘According to Phil Collins’ then it comes up under ‘EP’s’ in Roon Tidal.

It would be fine if the Roon Tidal artist page for Genesis also showed EP’s but it doesn’t - it only shows albums and tracks.

Is this a bug at my end or something common?

For my very first search, using Tidal through Roon proved more complicated for this particular album (and the others not showing under all albums) than using Tidal’s own separate iOS app :frowning:

But I’m hoping it’s not a common thing

Many thanks


Moving this to Support @anon31531916


Whoops, apologies, I should have posted in there. Thanks @joel

@anon31531916 Sean, I am actually in the process of fixing the Main vs. Single/EP categorization issues that we’ve had with our TIDAL implementation. For a variety of reasons (mainly because we aggregate metadata from multiple providers), we might not always display TIDAL albums (by artist) in exactly the same way that TIDAL does, but our goal is to get close. For example, ensuring that we display identical release artwork to TIDAL (vs. the same cover per canonical album) is also in the works. We also recently fixed a longstanding problem where we only returned a single TIDAL release of an album.

With regard to “According to Phil Collins”, I’ve not been able to reproduce this yet (on my iPad), but I will try again later.

Thanks for trying Roon; I hope that it works for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask more questions on the forum.

Thanks for the quick reply @joel

Do you mean you haven’t had a chance to try and reproduce this problem with ‘According to Phil Collins’ or do you mean you did try on your iPad and couldn’t reproduce the same problem I am seeing?

So if you search for Genesis through Roon Tidal and go to the artist page and then view all albums, you can see this album ‘According to Phil Collins’?

Sorry I wasn’t sure if you had yet tried or if you meant you will try on your iPad later. It’s not only an issue for this particular album actually, there are more Genesis albums missing. But this is good for an example and happened to be the first one I noticed was missing from the ‘all albums’ on the artist page.

I wouldn’t expect Roon’s ‘all albums’ to appear exactly like Tidal’s, but at least under the Genesis artist page on Roon I would expect all the albums and EP’s to show and actually everything for that artist to show. Whether EP’s gets lumped under Albums in Roon (the way Tidal does it) or whether EP’s are also shown in Roon separate to Albums, I would just expect everything for a particular artist to show on the artist page, however it gets displayed or sorted or categorised. even if it was under ‘Miscellaneous’ in Roon under the artist page, it would be better than not showing.

Many thanks @joel , appreciate the hard work you and all the Roon team are doing.

Just a case of bad luck for my very first search. All good though.

Cheers, Sean

Hi Sean, @anon31531916

I think that it is as case of beginning bad luck. As it happens, this album is a metadata disaster: TIDAL attributes it to Genesis (which is should be attributed to Phil Collins), and Rovi doesn’t have track details for the album (

Oddly, when I search expressly for “According to Phil Collins”, it doesn’t come up under EPs. In fact, I get no EPs at all.

One thing I have just done is to make an “equivalence edit” to join up TIDAL’s “Genesis” with “Genesis” from our other metadata providers. We’ll see what that does when it’s deployed tomorrow evening.

Hi @joel

I chuckled at ‘this album is a metadata disaster’ - this is just my luck.

Do a search for only ‘genesis according’ (don’t add the ‘to Phil Collins’ part) and it will show under ‘TIDAL Albums’

Bizzare indeed.

The equivalence edit sounds like the go. I’ll check tomorrow or the next day.

Thanks heaps for the quick actioning.

Wow, this is special.

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Hi guys @joel @mike

This isn’t the only album. The following Genesis albums are also nowhere to be found (for me) under the artist page, on Roon Tidal:

  • Invisible touch
  • Genesis
  • A Trick of the tail
  • Selling England by the pound
  • Nursery cryme
  • We can’t dance

But they can be searched for individually. But on Tidal’s iOS app’s Genesis artist page there is the ‘view all albums, EP’s, singles’ section and it shows 25 works by Genesis.

Help :cry:

Hey @anon31531916 – good timing, @joel and I were just discussing this. We’ll take a look.

Where are you located?

Hi Mike, I’m in Australia. It’s 7.30am. Happy to chat if you need me.

They all show up for me!

But then I am literally the other side of the world!


Ok so I actually have these albums in my Roon Library (ripped CD’s). When I go to show ‘other versions’ I see the TIDAL version.

I am very new so apologies about this oversight. So if you have an album already it will show under Main Library and won’t duplicate this under the TIDAL “Main Albums” section of the Artist page. Which is a good thing of course. Nobody likes duplicates.

So the ‘According to Phil Collins’ (which I don’t have as a CD rip in my library) example is the exception and definitely not the rule, for me so far.

Hi @joel and @mike

I forgot to say THANKS - ‘According to Phil Collins’ is showing up in Roon under Genesis albums

Even though it’s a Phil Collins album (that’s a completely separate problem that’s nothing to do with you guys), at least it ties with Tidal now.

Thanks for the amazing support ! :slight_smile: