Artist search problem in Roon 1.8

I am running Roon Nucleus and an ethernet switch which connect to my modem.

Since the switch over from Roon 1.7, I have been having trouble with the Search function in Roon 1.8. Here is a key example:

If I search for Glenn Gould and then try to find him under Artist, I find listings like “Glenn Gould A”, “Glenn Gould Juilliard”, “Glenn Gould (piano)” etc. But not Glenn Gould which is how I tagged all my ripped CDs. None of the found Artist results for Glenn Gould includes the Glenn Gould CDs I have ripped to the internal 2 TB Roon SSD.

Under Glenn Gould as “Composer” I can only find 4 of my ripped CDs.

The Discography shows all the Glenn Gould Qobuz titles as far as I can tell.

The Search function worked fine under Roon 1.7, so it seems to a 1.8 problem.

Have others had the same type of problem? Is there a fix I should use?

Thank you