Artist Sorting is Incorrect

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus V1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Orbi on ethernet
Netgear GS105 switch

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry Pi 3B running Ropieee to Chord Qutest

Number of Tracks in Library

60,106 Tracks

Description of Issue

After the latest Roon update, artist sorting isn’t working properly. I sort by Last Name. In cases where Roon’s metadata is incorrect, I add the “Last Name-First Name” sort data. The following screenshots show the issue.

This image illustrates that my preferences are set correctly.

This image shows a portion of my library. It should be sorted by Last Name however, the Dave Brubeck Quartet, the Dave Weckl Band, and Dave Matthews Band (among others) are listed with the "D"s. I’ve edited the “Last Name-First Name” sort data so these artist should be listed by their last names.

This image shows that I’ve edited the Name Sort field for the Dave Weckl Band and it still shows up with the "D"s.

As a follow up, albums are sorted correctly. I sort albums by Artist Last Name and they all seem to be sorted correctly.

I posted this a week ago and got no response. I’m seeing this across my entire library. Even when I change the sort name and put in something completely unrelated it doesn’t change the sort order. This has always worked before but clearly is now a bug. Can someone from Roon acknowledge this problem so I know it’s being worked on? Thanks. Also, why does my post look like it’s a solution when it’s not? If it is displayed as a solution does that mean Roon staff won’t look at it?

Just another clue, Albums are sorted properly, that is by artists last name. So, although the Dave Matthews Band is currently sorted into the "D"s in the artist list, his albums are sorted into the "M"s in the albums list.

I just added Dave Matthews and he is under M in the artists with default metadata, I did not change anything

No idea why not for you, but I am on earlyaccess so it’s possible it got fixed in the meantime

As an aside, though I think it’s expected, I really hate how Dave Matthews Band or Mark Lanegan Band are sorted into D and M by default, far away from their namesakes

I had previously edited Dave Matthews Band to add “Matthews, Dave” to the Artist Sort Name field and all of these artists had sorted properly until recently. I tried changing Dave Matthews Band back to the Roon preferred sort and it stayed in the "D"s. I never noticed if this behavior occurred with the most recent update. I still can’t get Roon to tell me if this is a bug or if I’m the only one with this issue. Maybe my library is corrupted. I haven’t tried the Cleanup Library option. I’m kind of afraid to. My previous experience with automated database cleanup suggests bad things can happen.