Artist sorting simply does not work. Many other "features" also do not, such as label sorting

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sonicTransporter i5, opticalRendu, library: synology DS414/Tidal/qobuz

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Still somewhat new to Roon, had for a couple moths but I cannot stress enough how poor the sort functions work. Drilling down by artist almost never produces an accurate list of releases. This is not limited to omitting just local NAS library or one streaming service or another…it’s all of them. Drilling down may produce one title, 2, 6 it’s totally random. Searching the artist may produce several artists links with the identical name with each linking to a different group of releases. It’s damn near impossible to get consistent groupings of accurate artist libraries which is pretty ridiculous given the price of this software. It basically does not do what it proports to do.

Another annoying issue, clicking on any label link freezes everything and Roon needs to be closed and restarted. That feature also does not work.

I’m not sure what that means actually, and probably support will not either. Step by step with screen shots might help.

I go to the Artists page. I click on an Artist, I click on discography and I see all the releases? That is drilling down to me. And, it works, for me. So, what I am doing differently to replicate what you are seeing.

That is exactly what I mean by drilling down however when I click on discography for many artists in my library I do not see all the releases, also in some cases artists are listed multiple times in search results. I’ll post screen shots when I have a chance but here is an example, Chaperone. If I search Chaperone I see it listed twice in the results, below that I see 6 Albums BUT is I click on the first “Chaperone” then “Discography” it’s empty. If I go back and click on the second “Chaperone” then “Discography” I see 4 releases, none of which are the 6 you see on the initial search results page. This is not an uncommon occurrence. Another way to illustrate the problem, search his latest release Chaperone - Emotion Hospice, you’ll see a version in Tidal & qobuz. If you click on Chaperone from the release page, then discography nothing comes up, not even the that release (Emotion Hospice). Hope you get what I mean here…

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Hi @Richard_Wallach

Can you share some screenshots showing examples of this? We’ll take a look. Thanks!

I’ll try, let’s see if I can explain.
So this is a search for Chaperone:

Clicking on first Chaperone link:
Clicking on second Chaperone link:

First image here shows his recent release, the second image is what you see if you click on Chaperone on that release page.

Re: the label issue, if I go to “credits” on any release then click on the label I’ll get an hourglass then the screen will grey and I have to close the window in Windows then restart Roon.

That second to last image is wrong, it should be this:

This continues to happen. It’s virtually impossible to get a complete discography to show up. To find releases I frequently need to search for the full “artist - title”, Searching just the artists name rarely results in a release I am looking for. There isn’t even really a pattern I detect. Some show complete discography (mostly popular artists), some show just whats in library, some a mix of streaming services & library.

It is incredibly frustrating. I cannot believe I am the only person who has this issue. You have sold me a software for quite a bit o money compared to what else is out there that does not do what it purports to do.

Thanks for the details here, @Richard_Wallach! Our team is aware of certain cases where Discography isn’t showing as expected and, while I can’t provide specific timelines, we are working to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Thanks, Dylan. I’d say in almost every case, in my experience. It’s incredibly frustrating. It’s a scavenger hunt to find full discography’s, pretty rare that I’m even able to.