Artist Thumbnails > Poor Image Quality (Especially: Landscape Oriented Sources)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

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Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

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Roon Control Points

  • Macbook Pro Retina 13.3"

    • Macos 10.14.3
    • Display size 2560 x 1600, scaling set to “look like 1440 x 900
    • Roon Version 1.6 Build 401 (64bit)
  • Android Tablet 8" (Asus Zen Pad P01MA)

    • Android 6.0.1
    • Display 2048 x 1536@320 dpi
    • Roon Version 1.6 Build 401 (32bit)

Audio Devices (Specify connection type - USB/HDMI/ect.)

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Issue: Poor Image Quality for Artist Thumbnails

I have a lot of badly scaled down / blurry artist thumbnails (which are used in the Artist Browser as well as on Discover and probably elsewhere) even so the image sources are looking OK or even good.

The pattern I see is: the “more landscapy” the source image is the higher the probability that Roon creates a low quality thumbnail from that source. I probably would understand a bad crop (because it may be harder to predict where the relevant image content is) but not the blurring / scaling artefacts I see. It gives a really bad impression, especially on a Retina display.

Some examples:


Thumbnail (Macbook, Artist Browser):

Artist Page (Macbook):

Source specs:

(2) + (3)

Thumbnails (Macbook, Artist Browser):

Artist Page Thumb 2:

Source specs Thumb 2:

Source specs Thumb 3:


Thumbnail (Macbook, Artist Browser):

Artist Page:

Source specs:

It’s less obvious on my tablet, but here the thumbs also use a different aspect ratio so the algo used may have more luck creating decent thumbs.

(1) + (2) / Tablet:

(3) + (4) / Tablet:

Hi @ndrscr,

I’ve passed this feedback along to the team to investigate. We appreciate the feedback here!

Hi @dylan, thanks.

Having another look at it it now seems obvious to me that presenting a thumbnail of 256 x 256 px with standard (“1:1”) pixel density on a HiRes display is risking to produce mediocre results - essentially it means upscaling a lowres picture. I’m not really familiar with this HiDPi stuff, though. Hopefully the team finds a way to provide “sharper” thumbs. :slight_smile:

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