Artist thumbs and Extensions

Hi, newbie here. I hope I’m in the right place.

I’ve set up my trial on the 14 day free basis and will sign up when it’s over. Happy with the results over Volumio - which for free is excellent by the way.

I assume the Roon Core has been installed on my ssd C drive as I can’t find it, my music HD has been read and the endpoint and DAC set up.

My query regards artist thumbs as a lot are missing - some I’d expect but not leading artists or bands - 4Hero, Afro-Cuban All Stars - I could go one but there are many.

I’ve seen a post regarding a scrapper and the poster refers to an extension he’s written. How do you get extensions and how do you code them in?

I don’t have problems with Albums as all of my files have JPEGs, just the Artists. If Volumio can do it I’m surprised Roon can’t :slight_smile:

Hope you can help - cheers, John

Good morning and good luck exploring.

I also used many programs on the side and it took me a year to really get comfortable with Roon. I have not regretted paying even a small price for it despite some (pictures) problems. No one finds only friends who always work for you for free :wink:

The artist thumbs should probably be artist pictures. It is not always easy with the automatic translations of Google. I use this:

Your Roon Core is at Users/…/AppData/Local/Roon/

It will only be seen if the hidden files and folders are also turned on. This is safer for computer beginners.

There are actually many artists who don’t even upload their pictures to the music services. That’s why every Roon customer is still missing images. With large libraries, you should not tackle everything immediately, but always look for the best and largest image on the side while enjoying music on your own hard drive or on the net. Here images 1920 x 1080 (HD) are certainly the most beautiful. On this occasion one comes then also on sides around many texts to read. Roon offers another form of music enjoyment.

4Hero has 200,000 monthly listeners at the largest music service, but also no artist image.


Afro-Cuban All Stars is not better known, but has a picture on Roon, Spotify and all other services.

There will always be manual edits if you want everything to be perfect. I’ve had cases where there wasn’t a single image on the net.

Roon has many extensions, but in the images I have not yet discovered one that goes beyond the detection of what is even in the files.

Good start

Thanks for the reply but my question - how do you get them into Roon is still a mystery to me. How can you add a picture/thumb?

PS: Ah, found out how - sorry to have troubled you.


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We all start small and unknowing, looking for the right way and later thinking to be superior, liking the better music…

In fact, throughout the history of creation we are and remain small and unknowing, but we grow, ask questions, try out and find solutions.

Learning is faster in a group when everyone is brave enough to ask questions and find answers.

Thank you for this