Artist View and Album displays

Hello, hope someone can help

  1. Artist View
    Whenever I send music to my shieldTV, it plays the tracks and displays the artist pics but I can’t seem get the same view on desktop. is this possible?

  2. Album displays
    I have a lot of compilation albums which were all tagged in ITunes with the following setting:
    a. Album artist - Various artists
    b. Compilation- checked box - album is a compilation of songs by various artists
    In the import settings for Roon, I have checked all the “prefer file” options but I am still getting some strange results. For example,
    • The dream - Crown Jewel album has a track called black Magic
    • In itunes, the black magic track has been renamed to sit in a compilation album called “a_2016_Feb”
    • All rules above applies
    • However Roon display the track with the Crown jewel album but this album no longer exists anywhere in my tags
    • Roon has been told to prefer all file tags so why is it using Roon’s database? At least that’s what i assume is going on

Thanks in advance

I assume you’re referring to the ChromeCast-ed “Now playing” view. It’s unique to the ChromeCast, so you won’t see it on your desktop unless you could somehow use ChromeCast to send music to your desktop.

I don’t know if it is possible to force iTunes to always write changes you made to tracks within iTunes back to the files. I know that at times iTunes only uses its internal library for certain changes.

Have you checked the tags are actually present in the files (like inspecting with MediaInfo, for instance)?

Hey @batDroid — Thanks for reaching out to us!

Artist View

The view you’re referring to is only available for Chromecast displays. You can enable a full screen “Now Playing” view by clicking on the box button while viewing the current queue (see screenshot below) but it is not the same as the Chromecast view.

Album Displays

For this, it would help to see some screenshots of what you’re seeing. Can you show us a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Roon, in the storage location, and in the file tags for the track?


Thanks for getting back to me guys.
understood on chromecast displays, i couldnt understand why i couldnt see it on the desktop

I have attached 2 screen shots for itunes and Roon tags. The itunes tag was last edited in 2016 but Roon is not displaying the album as tagged but picking up the correct name of the album. However it shouldnt as it shoild only be reading from the file tag

Let me know if you need anything else please. thanks

Hey @batDroid,

Looking at the file tags in the screenshot you posted, the ALBUM tag is set to Crown Jewel. You’ll need to use a tag editor to modify these tags in order for Roon to place this in the compilation album that you made. When you change the album name in iTunes it modifies the TALB tag, but the ALBUM tag overrides this.

While you can change these tags to do what you want, I’d like to offer some alternatives here.

Roon identifies your albums and can add some great metadata that you may not have in your file tags. By overriding this with your own tags you may be missing out on some great info that we can provide about these albums.

You can allow Roon to identify these albums like normal but create playlists for these compilation albums. This will allow your library to keep the albums separated with all of it’s own metadata and still listen to the tracks together in the playlist.

Alternatively, depending on how these albums are stored, you can use the filtering feature to find these compilations. If you have all of the tracks for this compilation album stored in the same folder in your storage location, you can filter by path from the Tracks browser to see a list of the tracks from this location. You can even bookmark this filter and save it for easy access.

I hope this helps!


Hi Dylan

Thanks for getting back to me.

Unfortunately, i discovered playlists late in the day and modified certain albums i wasn’t concerned about.

So it seems that even though itunes modfies the album tag, it leaves the TALB tag intact but doesnt provide a method to change it, is that correct?

i do understand what Roon is trying to do but as i listen to a lot of mixtapes and DJ remixes, my complilation albums are grouped as “playlists” - if that makes sense.
I will look into tag editors. thanks

one more question while i have your attention. is there a way to view all banned tracks? i made some errors and need to correct them.


In the Track Browser, the Focus Inspector will enable you to view Banned tracks.

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WOW! i would never EVER have found that setting. Unnecessarily hidden away.

thanks a lot

Focus is the Swiss Army Knife used to slice and dice your collection in many different ways. Used in combination with Bookmarks, it is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to create smart Playlists. See here, and play with it a while…

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