Artists and albums acting up

Roon Core Machine

iMac OS 10.15

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Oppo 105d

Number of Tracks in Library

3000 albums
60000 tracks

Description of Issue

Some albums not showing up under artists. And some albums showing up under wrong artist.

Why is Amos Lee here? And why isn’t the Norah jones album Little broken hearts?

Maybe dig deeper ? I used Filter and again Focus .

Focus is obviously checking Credits .
Filter only brings albums with a discreet Norah Jones text.

On Focus I see the Joni Mitchell 75 Birthday as well and 2 Anoushka Shankar (her sister) albums, Even a Keith Richards Album where she is credited - Crosseyed Heart

Explainable and easily ignored ?

Amos Lee - Norah Jones is Credited


Also on Ray Charles Genius Love Company


Little Broken Hearts shows for me , maybe check the credits are correct

Thanks for the feedback
I got these results by clicking the artist and then albums in my library. I’ve always done that. No focus or anything else. Just two clicks. And I’m using this as an example. MANY other of my artists are acting up as well. Maybe some settings have changed? Has Roon changed?

As an edit, Norah Jones is the primary artist on little broken hearts. That should be enough to show up under artist in my library.

Going Artist > find Norah Jones
Click on the picture to get to the Artist page

Doesn’t look like your image

The blue oval with “Norah Jones +” only comes from focus as far as I know.

I am using a Win 10 and iOS remote app, maybe it’s a Mac OS thingy

I’m fascinated Please post the series of clicks/taps to achieve this image ? I can’t reproduce it without Focus

I’m on an iMac as my support ticket says. Not on a remote.
In artist I select Norah jones. Then I select albums in my library. Same way I’ve done it for years.

I am on Windows 11 and I cannot reproduce your screensshot without “focus” either.

Regardless, roon lets you navigate your artists by focus, funnel, search, browse and probably a few others besides. It returns different results in every case. No doubt there are rules and reasons. Maybe someone knows them?

Are you V 2.0 or 1.8 legacy ? I am on 2.0 latest build

This is weird if i click on Artists> Nora Jones I get this … Nothing like yours ???

Let’s get over the fact that yours doesn’t look like mine. That’s not my question.

OK , still strange

The explanation is above. Somehow you have “Focused” hence including Credits . The album view now shows where Nora Jones is credited. The albums you comment on fit that criteria.

Filter does just that showing a match on “Nora Jones”

Solution ?? If not I can be of no further help

I do appreciate your help. It’s frustrating. How do I turn off focus? I’ve always used artist>view albums in my library.
That returns what my photos show above. Why amos lee? And why not little broken hearts?

Focus is a tool , you must select it . That is why I am confused how you are getting into Focus without selecting it.

Selecting an artist “picture” from Artists in the main menu should give you a Overview/Discography of the artist . It seems you are not getting that. In Discography you will see all her albums , all her collaborations on albums not strictly Nora Jones etc . Depending on what Tidal/Qobuz/ or Local Has.

The original view you posted is by using Focus hence as per the first reply it includes anywhere Nora Jones has a Credit even Keith Richards !!

Its how you are invoking Focus is a mystery hence my question about versions and what keystrokes you used to get where you were.

Roon should present the same interface on all platforms (except certain phones that are toosmall to show) . So using a MacOS or windows ought to respond the same , WHY is the question .

I suspect something local . If you post the Keystrokes I will try and replicate it on Windows 10 and iOS , maybe @Tony_Casey can try on Windows 11 . At least we can find out what is causing it to help Roon support

For some reason you are on the My Albums view when you are trying to find an Artist (by focus). Nothing wrong per se, but it relies on your albums being identified correctly and/or properly tagged if not.

In Albums view, using “funnel filter” for “Norah Jones”

And, in Albums view using Focus (Artist)

But @Daniel_l says he is NOT using Focus , that has been the debate , I can’t replicate the Blue rounded button without using Focus , so my guess is he is inadvertently using Focus but how we have yet to bottom

Is that new ?

I have obviously never used it if not , but that is still Focus at that level I guess

I use Discography and the Library Icon

It still contains albums where Nora Jones is just Credited , I see Keith Richards Crosseyed Heart and 2 Anoushka albums

:smiley: No, been there as long as i can remember (doesn’t say much to be honest :smiley: )

And yes, your approach is yet another way of presenting her Jones’s albums:

Here are the clicks I use to get to Norah Jones in my library

Three clicks. Dont know why Focus is coming up.

The the second part of the question is why doesnt this album show up?

I hope this clarifies things.Thanks again for all your help. Im very confused at this behavior.

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The answer is given by your screen shots, going from the “context menu” (for an Artist) to “Show albums for artist” takes you to the Album view, with a Focus on the said album artist.

I see you have made edits (or set prefs for various parts of the metadata). This makes it a bit complicated to find deviations. But, the album seems Identified? Don’t remember if you need to expand the review to see status, but a nice, quick view is selecting Versions for the Album. That usually gives a hint to it’s location and general health.

Edit: Oh, i see now! You have “messed” with Album Artist in the album edit dialogue, set to “Roon” and Little Broken Hearts WILL be listed under Norah Jones’s Album list.

Because the way you are accessing it IS by setting a FOCUS on the album screen. Notice the blue focus bubble circled in the Album Screen shot.

You should try going straight to the Albums screen and type norah jones in the filter option (or hit the / key and start typing). See if you get the results you want instead.

Thanks for the suggestion. I do use Album Artist in all my metadata. Maybe I thought of it wrong but by using Album Artist it would list that Artist under Albums.
I did switch to prefer roon as you suggested but it still not showing up under albums from norah jones. Others have said I may need to delete this album completely and re add it.