Artists Country Filter

here is a screenshot

so, i’d like to notice that:
-jewish is not a country
-there are both “United States” AND “United States of America”
-similarly, “England” and “United Kingdom”
-“Wien”, “Paris”, are not countries

-not even Milan, Mediterranean or “Nizza Monferrato” !!!

-and similarly for Europe and Latin America

then, another kind of problem: if you try to filter by genre:
there’s no way to filter. which forces to look for the genre through the hierarchy… not very useful, and not even easy if you don’t know the hierarchy structure!

and i really wonder what the meaning of “latin continuum” is:

there are some artists under this “country” in my library.

Well Niccolo you haven’t lost any of your enthusiasm! :wink:

FYI, an example of a Latin Continuum is “et cetera”. :blush:


i have to admit it was a while i was not playing with roon settings&stuff…
but when you start, you immediately fall into surprises and nonsense :slight_smile:

I have started trying to understand tagging at a deeper level. What a bunch of goulash!

you mean file tagging, or roon tagging?

actually, i 'm trying to get into roon tagging now, as it is (or should be) something different from file tags. for example, i used to tag main instruments or countries as “genre” tag (so for example, piano, sax, guitar…, or french, brazil, mongolian…), which is not very logical, but is the best you can do with standard tags and standard programs that do read only specific tags.

so, i’m moving this information in roon tags. it should allow to filter genres (or artists or albums) accordingly. so, if i want to listen to a jazz sax, i select genre jazz and then filter with sax tag…
but i don’t know if it works …

Well, good luck to you. I’m on the file tagging side, because 99% of my problems with Roon aren’t Roon-created, they’re the product of sh***y metatdata tags.

So I’m trying to get smarter. Trying out a program called YATE now. Supposed to be a “do anything” tagger. We’ll see…