Artist's main albums no longer show on artist page

Having an issue since the latest update.

Clicking on artist Calibre shows zero releases in my library, yet still shows his top tracks. I have over 40 releases by him… only way to get to his albums are via the album page or by clicking thru top tracks to get to his releases. Screenshot:

He is still tagged as primary artist on all those releases, so it doesn’t seem to be a case of missing metadata. All my content is local.

I’ve mentioned this already in the missing “appearances” bug as mentioned in this thread, and the behaviour seems similar:

Anyone else notice this?

I just tried Calibre on mine and get everything, but I’m signed on to Tidal. All other artist’s discographies show up normal as well. I think the key delineator here is whether one has a streaming service signed in (in addition to local content) or whether ‘all content is local.’

Interesting… Thanks for checking that, Charles.

Same here. Things got very confusing at same point, so I disabled Qobuz and I can confirm many artist (but, interestingly, not all of them!) are missing all the albums.

Yes, I have also seen that for some artists. An artist page will show no “Main Albums” but there are still Top Tracks being displayed for albums on which it is the main artist.