Artists unidentified due to unidentified album

One way for me to discover new music is a subscription to the German magazine Audio (
With this monthly magazine comes a compilation CD. This week “The Heart Of The Blues”

As to be expected, the album is unidentified after ripping/adding to My Library.
Metadata is pulled from my album file,

automatically filled by dbPoweramp during the ripping process.

Here is the issue:
As the album is unidentified, but metadata is available in the file, for each track Roon provides a link to the track artist (compilation album !), e.g. see track 8 with link selected.

When I click on such a link, I get an artist with only the ‘unidentified’ album in the Discography.

If I go back to the Home (Album, Artists, …) page and I perform a search for the same artist, I will get his/her complete discography:

Why is Roon not performing a search for the artist that is well known in Roon (but not yet in My Library).
The fact that the album is unidentified should not be a blocking factor! The track information could/should be easily used to find and present the correct information.

If this is not possible or too complicated, no link to an ‘unexisting’ artist should be provided.


Hey @Dirk_De_Taey,

Thanks for getting in touch with your question. I’d be happy to help. You asked:

We do attempt to match local library artists with those in our index. When a match isn’t found a local artist entity is created, as you’ve seen. We do this because our product is used by an international customer base, and in some cases, artists simply don’t appear in our index. However, the customer may have several releases by the artist in their collection, those albums will find their way to the local artist entry and be compiled there - thus providing an artist page and discography that resembles the pages for performers who are in our index.

In your particular case, it looks like Blues on My Radio wasn’t recognized as being by the same Fred Chapellier found in our index. Probably because the track time for that song on your compilation differs from the one in our index. 4:10 on the comp / 4:08 in our index.

Metadata accuracy can be a double-edged sword. The remedy here is to merge the local artist Fred Chapellier in your library with the Roon’s Fred Chapellier.

To do so please follow these steps:

  • Add an album by Fred Chapellier to your library

  • Then go to your artists’ page

  • Select both Fred Chapellier

  • Click Merge artists (in the top right corner of the Artists page)

  • Select the Primary artist. When merging artists you’ll want to set Roon’s Fred Chapellier as the primary artist in order for Discography, artist bio, etc, metadata assets to appear.

  • For example; if you use the streaming service artist as primary, the local music files artist will be merged and metadata for streaming content will remain. If you use your local music files artist as primary the rich metadata links to discography, bios, albums reviews, etc will be lost.

  • Once the local and index entries are merged you can delete the album you added or keep it. You can unmerge artists at anytime by going to Setting>Library>Un-merge artist (unmerge button appears at the far right of the page)

Hi Jamie

Thanks for your complete and insightful response.

What an impact of a couple of seconds do have, and quite some activity needed to get it solved.
But the procedure is clear, and doable.

Many thanks, I know how to proceed :grinning:


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Happy to help @Dirk_De_Taey!

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