Artists view - Recordings by title: where is the composer?

I am currently ripping my newly acquired André Previn Box, therefore I’m clicking around in Roon a lot and find strange things… Not sure whether I miss anything, but why is there no composer visible on the Artis page when selecting “recordings by title”?

I know that Beatrice & Benedict is by Berlioz but what if I wouldn’t? I don’t seem able to get it displayed there.

When selecting Focus, I do not see the composer either

I have set the composer credits to always show. Is there any place else I should have set a flag? Do you guys see the composer in this view?

Before anybody asks: I have maintained all composer and work/part tags. I do it everytime I add a new recording but here I had to do it anyway, since there is no Roon metadata available

Could the Composer/Focus topic be connected to the “artist is a compser” problem?

I do see the composer in focus for other artists:

I see it for Karajan

I don’t see it for Lennie

I still think the composer should also show on the individual recordings, together with the work title.

I see on the top screenshot Overview , Composition, no Discography

Is it treating Previn as a Composer instead of a Composer Performer ?

Check he’s not flagged as a Classical Composer ? He is in mine !

He is shown as a composer so presumably the ONLY composer

We had this with a few like Kempff I thought they had fixed it

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He is in mine, too.

I thought the discography would only show up if you are using a streaming service? I don’t.

Make it NO and I bet Berlioz shows up :joy:

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I am not sure, I have Tidal connected

no kidding. But that’s not correct. He is - among other things - someone you could call a classical composer. Just like Bernstein.

So you are supposed to delete this Roon set value in order for Roon to display composers properly?

It was one of the “classical improvements” :sunglasses:

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I forgot…:rofl: