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I recently discovered, which is where Roon sources a lot of its artwork. In particular, they source the Artist page backgrounds and album covers. These are called “Backgrounds” and “Albumcovers” on, and they have very strict requirements for the size and quality of these images (1920x1080 for Backgrounds and 1000x1000 for album covers).

I wanted to experiment with how I could contribute to and thus improve artwork in Roon. I did a few things on, but they have yet to show up in Roon. I am wondering how long it takes for something new in to show up in Roon. Here are the things I did:

  • I uploaded Backgrounds for two artists: Teenage Fanclub and Dramarama. In both cases, did not have Backgrounds for them, and Roon is displaying a small image (sourced from allmusic, I believe) rather than a full-width high resolution image.

  • For The Smashing Pumpkins, Roon shows a Background sourced from that shows just their former bassist (the third one) rather the full band. I voted for two different Backgrounds on, and they now have higher ratings, so I would expect Roon to eventually pick one of those vs. the current one.

  • For the album Raw Power by Iggy and the Stooges, Roon is displaying an incorrect album cover sourced from (they actually have three covers for Raw Power on - two are correct, and one is wrong). I reported to that that cover is incorrect and they removed it. So now Roon should eventually pick up the correct one from

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Can @support respond to this. I’ve uploaded artist background images to, so far only Teenage Fanclub is showing up in Roon. That one showed up after about three days. I’ve been rebooting my Nucleus and also clearing the cache on my remotes every couple of days to see if anything has changed but so far only Teenage Fanclub.

Other artists that I uploaded to but are still not showing in Roon are:

Neal Casal
Little Steven
Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul
Steven Van Zandt
Gram Parsons
Jesse Malin

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Hi @HeavyMetalDrummer,

Generally a photo can take about a week to show up in Roon. There are some cases, particularly with images being removed / changed from, that are not currently registering in Roon and we are investigating solutions for this.

Thanks for doing this!! I’ve spent a lot of time adding/replacing the automatic choices Roon grabs.