Artwork & curating my collection

So I’ve been using Roon for about three weeks, and really liking it so far. Now that I’ve got my hardware as I want it, I’ve started to tidy up the way my albums are appearing in my collection. I’ve a couple of questions before I start, however:

  1. If the artwork is missing from albums that I add in Roon, where is the added artwork stored?

  2. If I tidy up albums in Roon (ie merge split albums etc), is this work saved?

The reason I ask is while I was trying Roon out on different machines, I noticed that if I moved my music to different folders, any merges I made, and artwork I added, was forgotten and needed to be redone. Is any of this work I do saved / backed up anywhere?


The guys have plans to expand the user edit suite much more and this will include saving records of user edits to the Roon cloud. This means that hopefully our edits can be applied across different installs. I don’t have any specifics, but, I think it is high on their to-do’s so keep an eye out for the updates.

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