Artwork from File is not Artwork from File


Album Artwork is not handled as I’d expect. I have the following situation:

“Problem” is that the artwork that Roon shows is not the artwork embedded in the file tags but the folder.jpg that is still residing in the folder with the files. I thought if I set Roon to “prefer file”, thte embedded artwork would be selected.

Is that a bug or by design? I would then need to remove all my folder.jpgs since I have all my artwork embedded in the files.


I have come up against this or similar as well. I wish Roon would still show multiple cover images for selection, rather than having this simplified approach.

We should be using the largest resolution image available, regardless of whether it comes from your tags or your folder. Are you seeing otherwise?

We have a ticket open for a change here. Stand by guys!

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I’m running into an issue here. I added an image of a back cover (folder) that has a higher resolution than the front cover that is embedded in the file (tag). Result is that Roon makes the back cover the primary image for the album :confused:

I had to work around this by downsizing the back cover to make it smaller than the embedded front cover.

Is there a way to mark additional art as secondary, and exclude it from the primary image selection?
Moving the back cover into an ‘art’ subdirectory doesn’t do the trick.

One addition, this problem doesn’t occur with all albums. I have it with an album in dsf format but I cannot reproduce it with a flac album.

I ran into another issue with back covers. When selecting Album->Focus->Inspector->Has Back Cover, I get two albums that are incorrectly identified as having a back cover. These albums have ‘Back’ in the album title. Maybe an album tag of an audio file can be used to confirm that back isn’t just a part of the album title, preventing false positives.

I believe this “choose largest image from the folder as a image-from-file logic” has come with v1.3 and was unfortunately an annoying surprise for people who might have archived larger but worse/unrelated images in the album folders just for the sake of additional content (me). I might have a selected a pristine 1500x1500 image for artwork and manually added this as an album artwork but also kept grainy 2000x2000 liner scans just to have some information later.
Pretty annoying for people who meticulously implemented the not the largest but the best image possible -even though it required half hour photoshop sessions) (and also me)

Hoping to have a solution somewhere in the lines of:

  • Choose the actual embedded artwork as the file image
  • Give a system wide settings to overwrite selected file image with the largest in the folder
  • Expose an option to chose as a artwork from the image browser that came with v1.3 (nice to have)
  • Refresh the selection with the preferred logic catalogue-wide

Hoping to hear more on this soon!

This is a very cheeky bump but,@mike, may I ask if this is identified as a problem/waiting in the backlog or being treated as a non-issue?

Just to align expectations on whether it’s going to be addressed, or I should go through my albums and manually correct the art.


It’s been this way since we launched. We’ve always looked for the best front cover available, across all sources. We just no also provide access to images we think are back covers, liner notes, etc.

We are hoping to add some more options here, but for the moment we’re not planning full-on image management we’ve seen requested a few times.

If Roon is picking something as the front cover that’s not actually a front cover, can you give me some more information on the files names?