Artwork (Images) Missing for Many Locations

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC7i7DNHE 16Gb RAM with ROCK

Networking Gear & Setup Details

AT&T Pace 5268 (Modem/Router); approx 900Mbps download/upload speeds
Netgear & Trendnet Switches (unmanaged)

Connected Audio Devices

Dell XPS 8910 Personal PC Endpoint - Wired Ethernet connection
Intel NUC6CAYH Endpoint Streamers (2; Rock installs) Wired Ethernet & USB, HDMI
iPad(2) & iPhone Roon Remotes
Topping DACs, Marantz AVRs, Oppo UDP-205/203 Endpoints, Chromecasts (for TV Display artwork), etc

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I am not getting any images, album covers, or other artwork in Tidal, multiple Artist entries, or in many other areas of my Library selections. At first I thought it was just on my bedroom PC, but things returned to normal (I think after some fixes were made on Roon servers by Roon labs). Everything worked properly for several days. However, now it has returned and I see it on all my Roon connections (Roon remotes, PC, etc), so it is a global problem – it was probably the same when I first noticed it only on my PC, I just didn’t check the other connections.
I’ve reinstalled the 952 update on my ROCK core, reinstalled Roon on my Windows 10 (64), and updated all the remotes. Still no artwork in multiple areas. It affects not only artwork from Tidal, but some of my personal library artwork/images do not load, and it also affects the majority of images in Artists; only A’s through some B’s show? (artist’s names by alphabet), almost all Composers, etc. I have cleared the Image Cache in Roon Setup. To me, this again looks like it is an issue with Roon servers, or with Build 952 on my Core. I know others are having multiple issues since 952.

Hi @da_Choge,

I know it’s been a few weeks since you originally reported this issue, so I wanted to check in to see if you were still encountering missing artwork after updating to Build 970 on your ROCK.

Looking through logs, I noticed frequent timeout and network-related errors which appear to have resolved with the update to 970. However, these issues may return if we don’t address the underlying issue.

If possible, would you share a screenshot of your IP assignment settings from the ROCK web admin? Feel free to redact any IP address information before sharing - I want to see if there’s something related to DNS which might have been causing network instability here.

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This post is at least a week or two late, but all is well. All artwork good now. Don’t know if it was exclusively the 970 update that resolved my issues, or a restart/reset of my home AT&T Pace 5268 Modem/Router, or a combination of the two, but both things occurred around the same time. I suspect it was the update or Roon resolving issues in their servers, but I can’t say definitively. Anywhose, hope it stays stable. Probably was the first significant issue I’ve had with Roon in at least 2+ years. Cheers, and keep on ENJOYING !!! :wink: :smile:


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