Artwork is loading slowly on iPad remote

Same issue here. Using the remote on a Ipad. Album covers load very slowly (or not at all) Sometimes only the first two pages and the rest. Worked fine untill a few weeks ago.

I’m using a Sonictransporter I5 for my Roon core, a UltraRendu as a renderer and my music is on my QNAP NAS. Album covers of Tidal give the same problem.

The equipment have te latest updates and the problem started a few weeks ago. I rebooted everything, emptied the cache memory but the problem remains.

Hope to get help to solve this. Not ok.

Is your local library on an external HD? In my case, moving the library and Roon Core onto the same device helped solve this problem

No. The music is on my QNAP nas. It worked fine for months. No problems. The Roon remote on my Android smartphone works great. It must be a problem on my iPad (I think)

Hi @Marc_Plaum,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Are other remotes experiencing the same issue?

If you go to Settings > Setup and increase the Memory for Photos/Artwork option and reboot the device is there any change?

I’m only experiencing the problem on my Ipad (with the latest IOS update) I increased the Memory settings Already. No changes. The remote on my Samsung Android Phono works fine.

My configuration: Content on a QNAP 251 NAS, Roon core (incl Tidal) on a SonicTransporter I5. TP link switch, MicruRendu with USB to an Ayre QB9 DSD dac.

My network connection is very stable and I hadn’t any problems untill a few weeks ago.

The cover arts don’t load and stay grey. When I click on a cover art I see it’s trying to load. Sometimes when i swipe the Roon app Away and click once again the cover arts are there. But when I’m clicking on a artist or So the next page is grey. No album covers.

I have No problems with te sound. No dropouts.

Very irritating. Hope to solve the problem quick.

Hi @Marc_Plaum,

Can you confirm the behavior is the same if you try reinstalling the Roon app on your iPad?

That Seems to work. After reinstalling the Remote app it looks like everything is back to normal. Let’s see it’s stable for next copple days. Thank you.

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Hi @Marc_Plaum,

Great to hear that! Do let me know if the issue is still resolved after a few days

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