Artwork missing with MP3 or Not recognizing autom

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Intel Nuc8I7

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Description Of Issue
Artwork missing
By Now there are appr. 500 MP3 CD’s Not recognized correctly and or no Artwork Shown.
Is there an advice/Instruction how to get this solved the easiest?
Do I Really have to walk trough all of them or is there a Way to get support from the roon Program?
I can set a focus to all mp3 without Artwork, but is is possible to Export the pathnames, to make Life easier for me?
If so, how to proceed tbe best, assuming there will be a lot of different reasons why the artwork is not shown.
Do I Need to have a cover.jpg?
How to combine it the easiest and fastest?

Since Roon was unable to identify so many of the albums it would be quicker to use other software to match and tag the albums correctly. SongKong is a good place to start.

Thanks Martin,
Looks like a Good starting point.
Do you have personell expirience with it?

Yes, I have a copy. It’s part of my tagging armoury. You’ll find the author @paultaylor on the forum.

Hi @Guenter,

Thanks for reaching out to us here. Since the album’s artwork is not able to be properly identified with Roon, you will need to manually add this. You can use the cover.jpg method or add them directly in Roon or use a 3rd party program to identify them.

Yes, you can set the focus to all the albums without cover in the Focus browser -> Inspector -> Has Cover -> Clicking on the “+ Has Cover” to change it into “- Has Cover”. If you are using Roon to set the artwork, you will also want to make sure you create a Backup of your Roon database after you have set them, as the artwork will live in the database.

If you do use Roon to make the artwork changes, I would also suggest that you set your Roon Settings -> Library -> Import Settings for artwork to “Prefer File” so that Roon reads the database entries you created and not the Roon supplied one.

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