Artwork missing

A general question , is artwork stored locally or remotely?

I am seeing a wait icon and no album covers , Peter Gabriel for example

Is this downloading from the cloud service , I thought they were held locally in the Roon dB

Afaik, artwork is stored locally with the Core and cached with remotes.

On remotes, cache size is limited so images might get dropped now and then.

What also happens: newer artwork is made available by Roon - that’s, depending on individual settings (“Prefer Artwork …”), the Core might update the images from the :cloud:.

Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

It depends on what kind of content you’re viewing. If the content is outside of your library it will not be stored locally, but for music in your library images will be saved to the Core. Remotes will then access this over the local network.

Are you seeing this issue on all remotes?

No it was local content , it’s gone away now , maybe just a wi fi issue withe remote


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