Artwork not detected on multi-discs

It seems all my artworks for multi-discs are not detected. Working fine for single discs though. My folder structure for multi-discs is:
Anything I do wrong?
Also, can you confirm me the accepted folder names for artwork (artwork, scans, …)

I ran into this problem, too. It’d be nice if it worked the way you have it organized.

If memory serves correctly, I think all the art shows up if (1) you have it in a subfolder in each CD folder, or (2) you have all the art files loose in the main folder for the entire set. Either of those two ways, it’s kind of messy, IMO.

I would expect this to work. Everything else according to this article?

Where are you expecting to see the art?

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Yes, folder structure as recommended. If I duplicate the artwork folder in each CD folder, it seems to work, but with only one artwork folder next to CD1, CD2 folders, does not work.

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