Artwork/Scans won't show up [resolved]

I have a large collection of digitised recordings from Vinyl in my Roon, stored on my NAS in seperate folders for each recording. Originally, pre-Roon, all of the artwork was in a seperate single folder. I have now added the artwork scans as a sub-folder labeled: “scans [album/folder name]” in each recording’s folder. I expected that after a forced rescan, these would show up as artwork and PDFs in the same way that they do for the rest of my collection, stored in the same way. However, with only two or three exceptions, none of these unidentified album folders are registering the existence of artwork or PDFs. How do I get Roon to notice the added scans folders? Any help from @support would be much appreciated.

Hi @Anthony_Langlois ---- Thank you for the report and the feedback. Are the scans stored in a folder along side the media or are they being stored separately?


Hi @Eric So it looks like this:


So each recording’s scans are in a subfolder within the folder that has each recording’s music files. There are about 200 folders for recordings, each of which has a subfolder of scans.


I should add I suppose that much of the rest of my collection works on the same structure and Roon has no problem importing pictures and PDF files from there. Its great! :slight_smile:

Is the last folder called /scans ?

I described some of the naming patterns we recognize here:

If so, I believe that NAS/Music/Vinyl/Album Title/scans should work – if you’re seeing otherwise, maybe you can upload an album (the whole folder, zipped) to Dropbox or similar so we can take a look?

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The folders are called “scans xyz” , where “xyz” is the name of the folder that holds the recording files also.

If I drop the “xyz”, do you think it will make a difference?

(and thanks for the link - I had seen it already too) :wink:

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I think it will. Try changing one, then doing a force rescan on the whole folder in Settings > Storage.

Let us know how it goes!

That does seem to be the answer! Many thanks once again for the prompt support!

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