Artwork showing up though not in album folder

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Windows 10 PC

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Wifi 5G

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Description Of Issue

The Issue I have is Roon is showing multiply copies of artwork for soem albums and cannot figure out were it is picking the images up from. I have enabled hidden files on the PC and none are showing in the folder. I have also done a library clean from within Roon in case that was causing the issue, but is still showing the artwork.

All I want to do is get rid of it!! :laughing:

Please see attached image it is the 3 images going from right to left at the bottom on the picture.

Its ok managed to fix it by doing the most obvious thing which was to transfer the files out the folder they were in into a new folder and deleted the old folder and this worked and don’t have extra images anymore.

Also as well not sure if anyone can help with this but is there any known good sites to go to to get the back covers of CD albums and if possible the the inside booklet notes at all been searching but not found anything of great quality to add to my collection.

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