Artwork size, Numbers of albums displayed in version 1.8

In versions before 1.8, more albums could be displayed by reducing the artwork icon size. I can’t find this option in version 1.8. Only 10 albums are displayed at a time on my Windows 10 laptop, can this be increased?

Not currently, its all based on the resolution of the display unfortunately so the user cannot change it. If you turn off any display scaling that Windows is doing it can help a bit but makes everything else too small. I can get 30 albums on screen doing this but it makes reading text hard in other apps and also some pages on Roon look too small with a lot of wasted space. Its not the best and very inconsistent.

There is a functional aspect to this as well. With several pop ups needed to access editing functions and other menu items you now have to switch scaling off in 1.8. Otherwise editing menu options are hidden or difficult to access by random and unpredictable design decisions to sometimes use panel scrolling and sometimes use scroll bar scrolling. Of course as you point out switching off scaling may partially solve one accessibility problem but just replace it with another.

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Yes I use a halfway house to the recommended scaling Windows sets, as I always found it too big, but 100% is too small, for my old eyes.

Yes this is disturbing and I can’t really see the rationale behind this. My 15" MacBook Pro only displays 3x5 albums, my iPad Pro 12,9" 3x6 (landscape) and 4.5x5 (portrait) since it always hides the left menu. My huge 27" 5K iMac screen shows 4x9.

I don’t remember exactly, but it was a lot more in 1.7. I can live with it, but I feel it’s a bit of a waste of space.

I think I was getting 24. Now, I get 8 on a 15inch windows laptop. A third.

I can live with vertical but I much preferred horizontal. What I find difficult is I used to be able to page rather than scroll. Paging makes much more sense than scrolling with a larger library. By common sense, something like this should really be configurable. I don’t think there is much chance though as having a low configuration option count seems to be a more important UX consideration for roon. Maybe has something to do with JRiver differentiation, but that was a long time ago now. Strange.

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