Artwork "sticks" with Oppo BDP203

Hi all. I got Roon partly to be able to use my Oppo as an endpoint. This all works fine - aside from the fact that artwork frequently stays as the first track/album played - so for example you play Massive Attack first, then something else, and while the track info is correct, the artwork is still from Massive Attack, not the currently playing track.

Is this a recent issue, or something that remains unresolved?


This is not new. I’ve never reported it and don’t remember seeing it reported.

What’s the best way to file a bug report? Or are Roon not usually worried about fixing things like this?

Raise a new thread just like this but in the support area.

Will do, thanks Ged

I did wonder if it was an oppo dead end.

Ah nuts. Thanks for digging that out. Annoying.