As a roon customer how do I try roon on a different computer?

Hi, I run roon on a mac mini
I’m thinking about using a macbook pro instead (faster)
But want to A/B test how roon sounds into my sound system from both devices
I tried signing up for a new trial, but get the error that I’m already a customer
Do I have to use a different email address and pretend to not be a current customer or is there a more official way to do this?

Hey @Peter_Galvin — Thanks for reaching out!

If you’d like to test with a different Core machine you can simply install Roon on that machine and authorize it as your Core. This will in turn unauthorize your current Core machine. You are able to switch back and forth between Core machines, authorizing and unauthorizing as needed (i.e. only one Core can be active at a time per license).

I hope this helps!

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Ah great didn’t know you could just switch back and forth. Thanks.

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