Asio and Mac Mini M, Ventura OS problem

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini M1 with Ventura OS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Mac Mini M1 connected via USB to ExaSound e62 Dac

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Description of Issue

After switching to a new Mac Mini, now an M1 that runs on Ventrua OS, Roon does not recognizes the Asio Device only sees the Core Audio. Dac is ExaSound e62, which operates on both Asio and Core Audio. Anyone with same issue?

FWIW, I have a MAC Mini M1 2020 and it runs my Roon Core splendidly…my Roon Server, where my Library is stored, plays from there is run on my 2012 Mac Mini. I did this because my 2012 Mini runs on 12VDC ands is dead quite with no AC noise on the line.

Why do your want ASIO on Mac core audio is latest and preferred system for macs.

Might be for direct DSD, but I’m not sure

  1. Because it should work, if I like it or use it it’s is another issue, and 2 because the e62 only does DSD 512 in Asio.
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But macs don’t support it natively, how do you even install it on them?

I know exasound have their own driver for Mac, I think they are the only one but not sure

I take it, macOS can currently see the ASIO driver then and it’s just Roon not seeing it?

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Only roon, other app do work ok?
Can you select from system prefs the asio exa as default and then run roon on default? Just an idea, hope that an exa user will know more

Roon sees the Exasound as 2 different devices, one Asio and one Core. It used to work perfectly with my previous Mac Mini, however when I moved to the M1 Roon stoped seeing the Asio Device. I’m am guessing it’s an issue between the Exasound drivers and the new OS, Ventura, because it is the only real difference between the current setup and the previous one I. The old Mac. But not 100% sure.

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Maybe you find something (only Monterey):

Thx, will check.

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