Assembled NUCs for sale

Looking into a NUC for my sister’s Roon project. She wants to go as inexpensive as possible and her PC won’t support the core b/c it’s too old, not enough RAM etc. I’ve seen a few NUCs for sale that are preassembled and offer upload of an OS, but I’m assuming I want one without the OS and then install the ROCK patch that Roon provides, yes?

Question #2: now that the Chromecast Audio is no more, could I use a regular chromecast as a roon endpoint?

Yes, but ROCK is not a patch it is a Linux based OS.

Well, you can still use the C. Audio if you can get one. But, yes you can use a regular Chromecast. Just know that it is limited by Google to have a max music resolution of 24/48.

Look for a barebone with no OS option, they are often cheaper, adding RAM and an SSD is really very easy if you feel up to it. ROCK installation is very easy, especially on supported hardware.

Keep an eye out at sales and trades, there are sometimes some very good deals offered.

If you use a video chromecast, bear in mind it’s hdmi out only.

There are still CCAs out there for sale if you look around, including new ones.

Yea, I have one never opened still in a box straight from Best Buy. Not sure if I will find a use for it, lol.