Assess Tidal Bandwidth and switch back local when bad

This might be a weird one…but it’s coming from a first World country with shit internet!! Apparently Australia is behind Azerbaijan now. Apologies for offending any Azerbaijani readers…but you’ve got better internet than me!!

I wonder if there is a way roon can assess bandwidth availability and, during roon radio playback, if tidal falls over, the system will focus on local stored stuff, and if bandwidth improves, check back with tidal. Anyway…just a suggestion from an Aussie user of shithouse internet.

Sorry for your troubles… As a work around, could you just Deactivate your Tidal account? I do that sometimes, in the wake of Roons poor Search performance, and it has helped a lot.

Thanks Mikael

That’d work of course. But I just wonder if the system could just check in and decide for itself. I’d like to access tidal whenever it’s available of course

Aaron, I’m with you mate. Been all over the place, but boy, does the internet provision in Australia suck! We’re not even where most of Europe was 20 years ago. 4th world IT country this! I’m supposed to be happy if I can get a continuous (!) 1 mb service, let alone a latency of at least 20…

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I think somekind of network speed/quality detection and corresponding automatic playback modification would be great since it seems to me to be a needed peice of Roon mobile.