Assumptions about creators of Roon

These are just assumptions that came to my mind, after a while of using Roon.

Seems like the people who created Roon listen to mainly popular music or Jazz via streaming services and have abandoned local libraries and only slight interest in classical music.

Since many of the problems I run into very often or constantly do not seem to bother the makers of Roon - probably because they do not realize these problems exist, since their use-scenario is totally different to mine.

This whole thing that Roon gets so much slower when you actually use it (with local library), so only a restart gets it back running snappy again (read this many times and I have two cores - one with Win 10 and one with Rock in different households), or the pretty bad search results (which are now being adressed, but why did they not realize this themselves?) or the new function with showing acts in operas or movements, making the track being played twice ( also being looked into now, by support), these are just a few points.

So maybe when they use Roon with Tidal, streaming the newest albums, they are happy with it and do not understand the critical posts here, since they have perfect metadata, even info on the recording, Roon does not need to be restarted etc. Also no problems with this horrendous classical music :wink:

This to me is the only way I can explain the last Roon release and ongoing problems, that just do not get addressed.

In a way I am in a love/hate relationship with Roon. It is the best software ( I know) out there and I support it with my cash and time. But I just wonder, why are there these huge problems with the Basics? I came from LMS (free) and what it did, it did perfectly - search was /is fast and gives complete results, Server does not get slower and slower through usage etc. This is really absolute basic stuff, also if I select a recording, I do not want tracks played twice (I might be strange in that respect).
Then the bells and whistles part of Roon, the Metadata and Info - the vinyl album experience that simply does not come off that great, if you listen to music that was composed more than a hundred years ago.
With all these hiccups, I am still happily grooming my library in Roon and using it all the time - but searching for an album, that I know I have and not finfing it - or looking at the pulsating Roon picture on my iPhone while I am waiting for Roon to actually finally start doing what I wanted it to do - before I die, is just really annoying.
Therefore my assumptions, since I am pretty sure if the creators had the same issues, they would probably solve them quicker.


I’ve never found that to be the case.


I’ve read your information here and have read other posts with similar issues. I sympathize with those that have the issues but I don’t really understand it because my experience it totally different.

I don’t experience issues with Roon slowing down, or finding what I want in my library, and I love the search facility. I don’t always agree with the recommendations or Radio followups but those have exposed me to so much new music that I do like.

The only issues I run into are network related, sometimes it’s my equipment solved by a power cycle, or outside the house in which case I wait awhile and try again.

Again I do sympathize but it is difficult to relate without experiencing the issues first hand.


Me not being a technician have the following theory: It might have something to do with new albums being added to the library (still ripping) and then it also might be a cache issue. There are quite a few posts here about the issue and as I wrote I have two completely different setups, even in different locations and the this issue is the same on both.

I do. And I’m not being romantic :wink:

What benefit is there in putting this in your post?

I sympathize with challenges you might be having, and I hope you sympathize with others, but this frames out your post in a negative way for me.


Then maybe you misunderstood it, or I phrazed it wrongly.
I meant the people who created Roon, not the users. (I put run as in running the company and corrected it now)
Therefore the assumption is, if they had the use case I described in that sentence, they might probably not run into those problems.

I listen probably 70% classical, what is said here is too true

Roon pays little attention to that genre, box sets are the staple of classical listeners they are completely ignored despite all requests

Wake up to the needs of classical lovers

Currently listening by JRiver where i can control navigation


Whilst I would agree that handling of box sets leaves much to be desired, and that the labels generally couldn’t give a toss about classical metadata (particularly with re-releases in box sets), I’m still fairly relaxed about how Roon copes with Classical material. Given all the pitfalls, it does a good enough job for me - and I’m usually a grumpy old man (Victor Meldrew personified) in most matters. So I hear what you say, but, frankly, it’s a first-world problem as far as I’m concerned.


well, every argument about a media player or manager is a first world problem… :wink:


:musical_score: “You took the words right out of my mouth…” :wink:

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Even I know that one - Meatloaf :smiley:

Okay, so you’re not just a classical music snob! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But in all honesty: the “first world problem” is mentioned on this forum every now and then, and though true, we might as well close this entire forum altogether then, because basically anything anybody says here is a “first world problem/issue/challenge/subject”.


Would you prefer a 'Storm in a teacup" instead? Because we all have our own take on issues, and they vary greatly… :slight_smile:

That could be your answer to anything. You make me feel like nothing in Roon can be criticized or found wanting. We in the first world. Our first world incomes pay Roons first world lifestyle. Sure, I get it, I don’t have to use Roon. But how can so many classical music listeners be so disappointed so consistently? What steps have Roon taken to understand the issues? Why can’t we organize our music like we want? Why can’t we have a search that finds stuff we know exists? We know these things are possible. We have nearly all come from music players like J River and LMS where we took them for granted.

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I have no problem about people criticising aspects of Roon or the company - but don’t expect me to refrain from saying that I don’t always agree with what they say.


Then let’s agree to disagree. If you are happy with Roon as it is and do not have any of the issues I posted above, then that is great.

I’ve already said that there is room for improvement, but as for the issues you started out with (slowdowns, tracks being played twice) - no, I don’t experience these. As for search - when it’s looking at the universe of music, yes, definitely room for improvement. When it’s looking at my local library, it does the job for me.

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I have seen the roonies quote their metrics for various features. Don’t have the time to look up an exact reference but things along the lines of “Well, we know only 0.2% of users actually use this feature.” Is there a self-perpetuating element here? Maybe we don’t use certain features because they aren’t fully developed and so they never get ironed out.

Trouble is, I do- and am not alone. Some of the issues were already acknowledged by support.

So, if - like you- I did not have the issues, which are more than a little annoying, I would not have started the thread or even assumptions.

Good that you do not have the problems, I would also prefer it that way

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