Assumptions about creators of Roon

A lot of these concerns are very minority “collector” concerns. I do have some old stuff including boxsets, but most of the music I listen to is recently recorded jazz, classical, world. A good portion of that shows up on Qobuz, most of the rest on Bandcamp, the reset on a variety of digital download services (7digital, Presto Digital, …).

For whatever reason , and I don’t doubt the grabbing record labels , Big Box Sets like Brendel 114 are a disaster

Roon fails for my use case , I run big boxes in JRiver so at least I can manually tag and navigate by individual disc of the set.

Roon still presents 114 pretty little hyperlinks even if the metadata is c**p , I have a good view of the layout of the box but where do I star looking for the 2 live recording of the Diabelli Variations

Mozart 255 is 200 disc and no doubt Beethoven 2020 will be the same

There is no excuse for this omission other than a marginal genre with few Customers , the accent on CUSTOMER …

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Nor have I!

thank the unknown-god, I don’t like jazz , I guess :zipper_mouth_face:

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My biggest gripe is not Metadata, i can live without that . It is navigation

Yes big boxes are cheap per CD but often replace parts of my collection eg Worn Out vinyl etc with pristine often remastered copies. I do not use them as cheap bulk music , quite the opposite . If you not a classical listener or a collector this wont interest you but it does ME and plenty of others

All this is not much use if you cant find the music within the box


I think you are right, but the “magic handling” of metadata is also a big problem IMHO.

I have a fairly well-tagged collection and I had a lot of inconsistent attribution of works, expecially in the op.XX/ Nr.YY category. The metadata provider is not consistent in how to group these kind of works. So I thought, I’d be smart and set my library settings to “prefer file” for the composition and work tags…

What I have experienced are two things that made me reverse this…

  1. I lost my composition descriptions - Roon does not match compositions even if I use the same canonical names for the works as Rovi.
  1. At the same time I still have a couple of Bach works that Roon matches to existing (but wrong) works.

So in one case I lose information when setting my libary to “prefer file” and at the same time Roon tries to outsmart me by deciding that the work I have tagged and want to have preferred is not the right work…

I’ve given up trying to understand this. So apart from the boxset disaster it would be a big step for me if “prefer” tag data would work as advertised…

Honestly, I do not expect this ever to be adressed.

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Unfortunately i think you are correct , its a minority use case

I suspect they have too. Underneath all that lipstick…

That is completely wrong - sorry.

I bought Roon back when it was launched in order to organize and navigate through my own CD collection (currently at 5800 titles). I still use it mainly (ie 90% of the time) for that. I have added streaming services to it and use that mainly to listen to my vinyl music when I’m not bothered to put the actual LP on. I also use the streaming services to listen to some new releases before buying them. I also use Roon to occasionally listen to Live Radio.

These are all pluses for me but not the reason that I bought and use Roon. Sure, I love the integration, but if all streaming services disappeared tomorrow, I’ll still use Roon.

I do not know what size libraries you have, but I use mine in 2 different locations. One runs off a NAS and the other off an 8 year old Mac Mini. I’ve had no issues with either setup, though the NAS is a little faster.

Whilst Roon is not perfect (nothing is) and I have my wishlist of things I’d like it to do or could do better, I have not encountered any of the problems you describe. Perhaps you have tens of thousands of CDs in your collection and you’re hitting limitations of the software, but otherwise, the problems you’re having are more likely to do with your setup than with Roon itself.


a perspective, one I don’t agree with.

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Nope, since others are also having them and support has acknowledged them and is trying to fix some of the issues. Therefore not only my problem.

My assumption was about the creators of Roon - not about you. So who knows if I am wrong or not.

Simply because you are happy and have not got the problems I wrote about, does not mean that they do not exist. It just shows once more that according to usage the performance and outcome from Roon can be quite different. This whole mine works and it must be your fault if yours does not, is neither helpful, nor close to reality in the wonderful world of software and computers.


I pretty much agree. Additionally, the “play album” button should ignore all “shuffle” settings and simply play the album from beginning to end.

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I have. Setup on a network using Roon Server with it and the database on an ssd in a QNAP. Moving Roon Server and the db to the ssd helped but did not eliminate the problem. Restarting the Roon player on my macmini (with fusion drive) does, however… until it happens again.
I’m in the habit of never turning the macmini off which, may be contributing to the misbehavior so… I’m going to set an on/off schedule for the mini to see if that helps.

I have a library with over 8K titles and over 100K tracks. Roon really slows down. Only a restart fixes this. It is by far my biggest complaint.

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Hi @William_B_Schaefer_I,

100K track library whilst sizeable should not trouble Roon some user have over a million tracks. May I recommend you create a #support request and see if the Roon guys can help.

As Carl suggests, open a support thread and please fill in as much about your system specs and networking connections as you can.

A program that starts quick and slows down tends to indicate a memory utilization issue (aka Memory Leak)

That size library should not be an issue mine is about 5000 albums 130 k tracks. My server also runs JRiver for Video simultaneously and SQL Server in the background

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Your experience is not at all like mine. My library is over 2 gigs, (6000) albums most of which is Orchestral and have very minor issues with box sets ( unless the metadata is a mess, in which case i fix ) . My Roon NUC has not been cycled on/off this year, probably not since November. I have no slow down, no issue at all - this was not the case with roon rock on a 2012 mac mini however. I also migrated my library to SSD when i moved to the NUC.
I have subscriptions to both Tidal and Qobuz and find that the latter is far better for classical titles, in fact i’ll probably get rid of Tidal soon. I like streaming and use it almost like I used FM radio, a way to discover new music.

I listen to Roon primarily in my listening room but also through out my home to access my library through shield ( tv room), my DAP or Apple portable devices.

Roon may not be perfect, but it’s perfect for me.

two questions out of curiosity:
What format is your music in? I have around 10K albums which consum 6 TB, so I’m a little bit surprised about your number of 2 GB.
What is the biggest box set you have (in numbers of CD’s)?. I also have all the metadata tagged myself, but it is not very user-friendly to browse through a box-set of more than 20 CD’s finding the performance of a work. If you look at the big conductor or soloist boxes like the Brendel set, the Munch or Reiner sets, where you have lots of duplicate performances of the same work, it’s terribly hard to find your way through.

My files are almost exclusively Flac but there are a few Aiff and some very very old recordings that are mp3.

I can’t say what my largest box set is, probaby 10 disc, certainly nothing like your Brendel.

Are you storing your music in .wav ?