Astell & Kern and Roon?

Does Roon work with portable players like Astell&Kern?

I believe the answer is no for the Astell & Kern but it may be possible with some of the “fuller” Android based DAPs. I’m thinking of buying an AK70 (not particularly bothered about Roon integration) and was hoping to find some positive feedback on the product.

Dankesehr. Roon wäre vorteilhaft, aber Tidal mit gespeicheter Musik würde wohl reichen.

You’re welcome! I agree, but I don’t think their TIDAL integration includes offline content. Is that correct?

For a point a reference, I side loaded Roon onto my EchoBox Explorer, it works but the screen size makes it difficult to use all the features.

Great news for me having just taken delivery of an a&k a&norma SR15. Which I’ve been really enjoying regardless. Great sound. Shortly Roon Ready and Tidal offline plus MQA support. Excellent!

Will give this a try later
Look forward to future full Mqa decode and Roon R