Astell & Kern and Roon

Hello all!
Any news about Astell and Roon?


I got sick of waiting and did two things…

  1. Put Roon Bridge on my Linux laptop and use my SE100 as USB DAC. This works really well, I swear it sounds better than playing the same tunes from SD card. Does all formats including MQA bit perfect. Shame I have to control playback from my phone though. Where is the Linux GUI Roon Labs?
  2. Purchased a Shanling M2X which supports Airplay. I use this DAP in my pocket when I need to be mobile around the house. SQ is not in the AK ballpark sadly. At least it has 2.5mm balanced so I can use they same cables I use with the AK.

Good question.
Anyone have any idea whether Roon will be implemented on an AK DAP?

According to A&K “Whether” =yes. “when”=Goodness knows.

That’s good but anyone heard anything from Roon themselves about it?

Not so far

Bumping this… Really want Roon on A&K…

@brian I just bought SR25 for use with roon, this is latest player with newer android and new processor but A&K US said no longer support roon, what’s happened? why A&K dropped roon support?

Hello @Cheung_Hon_Wah,

There have been some difficulties with the Roon integration on Astell & Kern, but we continue to investigate possible solutions with them.


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Hi John, keep us updated, the roon with A&K collaboration been announced for 2 years but more like vaporware and nowhere near completion when announced

This is very sad. Any other android player far less expensive works. I bought a several thousand dollars sp2000 which is pretty useless without Roon. Maybe you should hire a FiiO engineer