Astell & Kern announces Roon support - Finally

SP 1000 updated today; roon slider now in settings

Are you connecting the AK directly to your speakers? I’d be interested to know how it performs as a DAC with a high end system

Hey Norman, no, I use it as my nighttime bedtime setup on my bedside table (and while out and about or traveling). Drive it with my phone. I had a Chord Poly/Mojo in that duty before, but it was flaky - dropping as an end point semi-regularly. Main system is a Naim NDX2/SN3. I’ve not bothered doing a comparo - perhaps because it would be annoying if I end up preferring it over the NDX2! Why put myself though that process :slight_smile:. I have a kitchen system too. Correct amount of hifi-products is the same rule as for Bicycles and Motorcycles. N+1 is the correct number to own where N is the number you presently own.

Let me see if I understand. You’re accessing your Roon library [including Tidal] on the AK controlling it though your iPhone, and listening via speakers or headphones or earbuds?

Headphones. AK sits on the bedside table connected to core via Wifi. Find the Roon UI easier to operate on my phone than on the AK. Use a Android phone in fact, but same same if you have an iPhone.

The core [nucleus or mac?] shows up in services on your AK when the roon slider is enabled?

In other words, where do you find your roon core on the AK?

You don’t need to. Just go into Setting and set “Roon Ready” = on. Then go into Settings/Audio in Roon and enable that end point. Voila.

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Found it; thanks for your help!!

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SP1000M Firmware with Roon Ready will release on 3/4 Aug 2021

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Any intel on how far down the product line Roon readiness will go?

In the past few days, I’ve run into a problem in transferring albums from Roon to my SP 1000 that I never experienced before the latest update of the firmware. Specifically, while the album transfers from Roon to the SD card in the unit [which is only 1/3 full] the last track of the album does not transfer.

Moon Audio is selling drastically discounted SP1000M and SP1000. I see it in low stock at Crutchfield. Are we looking at a new model coming?

SP1000M is ROON ready now

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It works, thanks. The only glitch so far is that it isn’t able to switch between WiFi APs (UniFi network) as it moves around the house, so it starts to skip tracks when it gets too far from the AP it latched to when it booted up.

Could somebody post his sound experience with Roon on AK DAP?

I got a AK Kann Alpha for testing and playing music as a Roon Endpoint was a hearable drop in sound quality compared to playing music from local storage or streamed from a Network Media Server (thru Wifi).

First impression with SP1000M is similar vs local storage, but it wasn’t a rigorous comparison with same headphones, same material.

Hmmm that’s a deal breaker for me as just been considering the Kann Alpha and I will have 4 WiFi points for it to contend with for such an expensive player why have they skipped and used old WiFi tech. Also being only 2.4ghz is worrying how’s it’s WiFi performance overall.