Astell&Kern category?


Astell&Kern have announced support for MQA, Tidal Masters, Tidal Offline and Roon Ready coming in firmware updates before the end of the year.

As there is no Astell&Kern category yet it might be useful to create one now.

I’m interested in buying an A&norma SR15 when these firmware updates have been released so I can use my MrSpeakers ETHER C flow’s wirelessly playing music over Roon RAAT.

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Is the A&norma a Roon certified end-point?

Not yet but the firmware making it Roon Ready is announced for release before the end of the year.

New firmware today. Now does MQA with native app. Tidal APK to do MQA once LG monopoly over next year. Really anxious for the Roon integration.

Astell&Kern Ultimate High Fidelity Sound System

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A great primer on Roon from The Absolute Sound. Roon support is coming soon to Astell&Kern players!

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I have an SR15 am really enjoying it nice sound and an excellent snappy UI

The recent update to install TidalQobuz etc with offline on Tidal and download from Qobuz works really well. Tidal streaming already did work perfectly well before this point though. You get the full native android app now rather than what was a snapshot and offline is a great feature

RReadiness I am hopeful the device will be more than just an endpoint controllable from the mobile and full Roon Remote software can also be loaded via the APK route directly onto the SR15. Wishful thinking possibly

Eagerly anticipating Mqa also though am wondering what form that will take… full unfold or part way like Roon

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Full unfold for files loaded. First unfold for Tidal. My experience so far. Would love to be corrected forTidal.

Thanks would make sense
Take it you have one of the higher end devices where the Mqa rollout is earlier. Nice

New firmware SR15 v1.12 with MQA Playback Support & Display.
Still waiting for Roon Ready status.

Any updates from anyone on a possible release date for the new A&K firmware and Roon Ready capacity for some models (SR15, SE100, SP1000) ?

On the forums Astell&Kern support says “sooon”. :sunglasses:

Thanks. Hopefully a real sooon…

Well it’s March and still no roon certification. I think Jason on Head-Fi is tired of being asked. He keeps repeating it is still with roon. Would be nice if a roon insider might give us a hint.

Roon staff will not comment on the certification status other than that the process is ongoing.
It will come when it is ready. The waiting is part of the game.

I haven’t even got one and I’m getting bored waiting :wink:


As of two days ago AK has said it is back at roon for more testing.

From A&K support via Facebook:

No update yet. We continue to work closely with the Roon team on testing and certification of our players before we can release the updated firmware with Roon support.

From an Astell&Kern rep 2 days ago on Head-Fi:

“We met with Roon team and had a good discussion. No definite time frame that we can share yet, but was a productive meeting on moving forward and getting it done.”

Doesn’t sound like anything imminent :frowning:

Gives me more time to save up - about 3 years should be about right :slight_smile:

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An sr15 £600 and really sounds terrific it’s a great little machine.

Great form factor I.e. unlike some of their high end daps perfect size portability wise, qobuz and tidal full sideloaded apps, Roon soon, Mqa full decode if you care about it

I use the balanced output which has a bit more horsepower