Astell & Kern Installation

So, I updated the firmware on my SP1000 and then turned on the “Roon Ready” toggle in Setting. So what are the next steps?

Do you have a Roon Core set up, and if so, did you enable the player in Settings>Audio

OK, did that. Now what? where’s the Roon content on the SP1000?

I dont have a compatible AK player. @support may be able to help.

The content is on the core. You will need to play the content on your PC or a roon remote app on your mobile/ ipad. You can chose the sp1000 as the audio device in there.

You will not be able to use the sp1000 to „browse“ through your roon content.

I think it’s best to think of the sp1000 as a “receiver” of music sent to it via Roon (if I’m understanding correctly how it’s going to work).

This is a really nice upgrade.

I wondered what the MQA Capabilities should be set to, given how AK Connect seems to work with MQA, but the Roon default setting of ‘Decoder and Renderer’ seems to yield the second unfold, and the blue light appears. And it sounds absolutely superb with MQA.

Whilst I know the Tidal and Qobuz Apps can still be used, the integration with Roon is a much, much better experience. Feels like my almost 4 year old SP1000 is a new device.

Exactly. It’s an output node (or zone in Roon-speak). Easy way if you’re about the house to send an album or playlist to your SP1000 (or SP2000) without going through Android File Transfer. Kinda cool. Sends artwork, too. Not sure how much I’ll use it, but I love that AK enhances older devices, even if they aren’t making them any longer. Well done.

The artwork looks amazing! I think, Wifi permitting, it may get most use in the garden, but if I were moving around inside, it would be perfect.

So, the answer is that I set the SP1000 as a zone in Roon and start playing music on Roon. And the Roon output takes over the player. As in “takes over” – no access to any other music sources on the player; can’t get rid of the Roon interface unless I restart the SP1000.

It seems to me that instead of sending out emails promoting the A&K support with links to more promo on the web, Roon should have provided actual setup information.

You don’t need to restart the SP1000. All you have to do is stop streaming music to it from Roon, and full control is restored.

DAP working with Roon and apple thanks to all the help here.