Astell&Kern SP2000T disappears when starting music

ROCK on Prime Computer PrimeMini 5/i7 - 2x 8GB RAM – 250GB M.2-SSD
Version 1.8 (build 884)

Fritz!Box 7490 - WiFi and Ethernet

Node 2i (LAN), Vault 2i (LAN), Astel&Kern SP2000T (WiFi)

I have new the Astell&Kern SP2000T, updated to the newest firmware for Roon support.
When I activated the Roon option in the settings, the DAP was shown immediately as a Roon Ready device. But as soon as I start playing a music, the device disappears. After a while, it is shown again in the settings as a “Roon ready”. But every time I will start music, it disappears again.
WiFi is stable and all other devices are working well.
Restarting the Server or/and the DAP doesn’t solve the problem.

I found the same on my A&K Kann Alpha when I had it. The aging WiFi tech in it was not up to the job. It would drop off completely my WiFi also fine it struggled even very close to the ap. I returned it.

They also seem to have issues with some dual band routers reading up on Headfi.

Thank you for your reply. I read two threads about the SP2000T in Head-Fi. I only read about noise or hissing while streaming wich should be gone after the last update. And since this last update made the DAP Roon Ready I only read, that it works fine, if only a few comments.
I´m waiting just for the approval of my registration, than I will ask there about my problem too.

OK, did a Hardreset of the Player, now it seems to work.

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