ASUS AS4002T RoonServer install issue


Seems like I can’t manually install RoonServer APK on my NAS.

I get an “invalid file format for this system” (6005 error). Although my NAS seems to match the required specs. FFmpeg is installed already. I’ve also tried to disable DockerCE, as well as creating a shared folder named “RoonServer”, to no avail.

Thanks for the help.

It doesn’t. Please read:

and compare to


Note: Unsupported CPU architecture, not enough RAM


Thanks for posting, but your dry answer is rather unpleasant and of use to me.

“Please read” on Asustor – RoonOnNAS


  • Intel x64 based ASUSTOR NAS
  • ADM 3.2.x
  • FFmpeg installed in the App Central


  • An intel i3 – i7 cpu or equivalent
  • SSD storage for Roon Server’s database

I rather think it has to do with the way the apk has been compiled, or maybe related to another technical issue.

Thanks for “helping” anyway.

I’m sorry to see that you don’t like facts and references to support documents. Why do you think that humor would help though?

Software runs on supported platforms not imagination. From the also referenced hardware specs for your NAS (AS4002T) you can see that it is not supported (does not meet the required specification). Trying to install Roon Server on this NAS, manually or otherwise, won’t gonna work.

Did you download the package from the asustor App Central? If so, then as can be seen from there too, …


… AS40 is not listed as compatible model.

PS: If you need a compatible NAS and want to stay with asustor then buy a model AS67. If 10GbE is important to you, then at least the AS6704T + AS-T10G2 network adapter. Just my opinion.


Please don’t insult other customers who are trying to help you. Thanks.

Marvell 1.6GHz CPU

That’s an ARM CPU. You can run Roon Bridge, maybe, but not server. Need x86 architecture for server as Roon Labs has never released Server for ARM (native support for Apple Silicon the exception). That’s the difference above posters were trying to explain :slight_smile: