Asus soundcard w/ASIO produces no sound

I have a Windows 10 PC that is my Roon Core and also one of my renderers. It has an Asus Xonar soundcard. Roon sees the card three times:

Xonar SoundCard

Xonar SoundCard

Xonar SoundCard(64)

Neither WASAPI configuration allows Roon to start play. With ASIO, Roon indicates it is playing but there is no sound.

MusicBee run on the same machine does play through ASIO, and seemingly forces a 32-bit conversion.

Since I am new to Roon, I assume I can, in fact, have a renderer on the same machine as the Core, meaning the problem is in play through the card? And, if so, if there a solution?

I have used Roon for years with a Asus Xonar Essence STX with out issue. Switched over to an EVGA NU Pro. Also no issue. So, yes does work. So, I would assume that it is an software conflict issue.

If you are a gamer, a lot of game overlays and streaming software interfere with Roon. If this is the case, try turning off all gaming related software running in the back ground and trying again.

No gamers here. Do you recall if your Xonar was using ASIO? And, if so, whether a 32-bit or 64-bit driver? Also whether you were using digital out? Roon isn’t seeing my card correctly, whether from human error or a compatibility issue, I have no idea.

Yes ASIO drivers. 32 bit. And analog out to speakers.

I have some free time wed. I’ll dig out the old tower and. Cheik the specifics

Toggle WASAPI event driven mode in Roon and see if makes a difference.

Although Roon presents two entries for WASAPI and allows me to enable them, it does not start play on either. With ASIO, it does start play and shows that it is playing, but there is no sound.

I have a vague memory from a few years back where for some streaming app the difference between the 32- and 64-bit ASIO drivers was crucial. MusicBee, which does work, forces to 32 bits. So, perhaps the problem lies here? Rugby above reports he had success with a similar card and a 32-bit ASIO driver.

I’m not willing to mess with alternate drivers because, for this system, MusicBee is my primary streamer and I’m getting superb sound quality through it, playing my own music. It would be nice also to stream Qubuz via Roon through this system, if I can figure out how.