ASUSTOR 304T - Incompatible with Roon APK?


I was wondering why I am not able to install the Roon apk file on the 304T. I get this upon trying to upload:

Unable to upload. The file format is invalid for this system. (Ref. 6005)

Searching Google indicates it is not compatible with the processor. It has a 64 bit Atom processor so I’m surprised it is not compatible. Any thoughts on how I can install it?

Hi @Sreechandra_Donepudi,
I found the specifications of the asustor model.
According to the Asustor hardware specs, the cpu architecture of the AS-304T is only 32bit and Roon Server requires a 64bit cpu (and operating system) on linux based systems.
You can review the specs here.
Unfortunately, not all Intel Atom cpus are 64bit compliant.
Sorry for being the bearer of bad news… :frowning:

Ok thanks for that. I did not realize it was 32-bit.

Thanks for maintaining the NAS apps. The QNAP is working like a charm.

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