Asustor NAS package for Roon Server

This would fall under the general umbrella of supporting the Roon server on various NAS platforms.
The main difference among them is the flavor of their packages, as they are all based on Linux, and there is already a Linux version of the Roon server.

I think it would be unrealistic to expect the Roon team to build bespoke packages for all the NAS’ out there. If you’re able to ssh into the NAS you could try install it yourself.

Dear Evan,

I am sure the Roon team appreciates your deffensive attitude towards them.
Even I am capable of appreciateing your answering me.
However, I cannot take your answer into much consideration, as I do not see you as being part of that Roon team. Thanks anyways.

I am asked to make suggestions as a potential (or actual customer) and that is what I am doing. I expect action/answers from the team or form other likely interested potential or actual customers. I understand that you do not care for this kind of integration.

I am inclined to make a purchase, and I want to understand what direction the product/service is taking. I certainly like that I am ask to conribute to that direction.

I think I know a thing or two about software, and I do not think understanding the packaging requirements of the NAS platforms is at all unrealistic. Heck, I would try to contribute to it if I saw the Roon team being more open about their system…

Of course, I do not know the Roon team, but with just one day of testing the software I am mostly happy with what I see, and I feel the Roon team should be more than capable to deal with the packaging systems of the three/four major NAS vendors out there that matter, without investing an inordinate amount of resources.

The architecture that I see is good, and I would think somebody in the team must have thought of a headless installation as ideal.

Given that this application is data heavy it makes sense to deploy close to the data: the NAS.
It saves local network traffic, saves boxes, and overall, saves resources (time included), potentially simplifying the work of the end user, even if that user may have some systems/software sofistication (there are other things in life to take care of…)

Sooo, my opinion stands unchanged. If anything, I would suggest to support packaging the server on specificly capable models of the three/four major NAS platforms (in which I include ASUSTOR, but also would include Synology and QNAP).

Thanks for the soapbox sermon, however, I too am just a customer, a paid one in fact, and frankly in the grand scheme of things there are many more pressing an useful features that can be added to Roon before expending effort creating build packages for an ASUSTOR NAS, particularly seeing as you’re the only person on this forum that’s mentioned the product. If you’ve taken the trouble to read recommended specs for a RoonServer it’s i5 or i7 CPUs with 8GB of RAM. It seems the ASUSTOR NAS’ are generally Celeron or Atom based which would make for a miserable experience unless you had a tiny library. I mentioned you may be able to gain shell access in which it turns out you can, so instead of lecturing why not get off the soap box and try running RoonServer on your device and report back on whether its even viable.


I see you mustered enough will to go and find the Asustor links.Why dont you do me a favor and complete the job: give me an installable package for the platform, and promise me to maintain it current? :wink:

Thank you for making my point.

Please refrain from personal remarks. A request for an NAS package and a response from another user pointing out limitations and priorities are both appropriate posts. Talk about the ideas, not other posters.


Count me in as another Asustor NAS (AS-604T) user. I would love to be able to run RoonServer directly from my Asustor NAS. I have no idea how to do that, but I think it works for some other NAS companies like Synology. Asustor has many apps including “Plex”. It would be awesome to get a “RoonServerApp”.

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Well, so far no more than two requests for this to happen :pensive:

I will try to give arguments in its favor, once again, and see if I am luckier this time in eliciting a response from the team.

Supporting a NAS environemnt is only a question of packaging the core and its dependencies, which seems less tisky than making sure things work/compile on another architecture, as I have seen being requested in other threads.

Besides, in my opinion, it seems like a no brainer to support some sort of packaging for this kind of systems, as the public Roon is addressed to is one likely to have large and many music files… stored somewhere… probably a NAS.

I already have Plex server running on the NAS, and before I switched to Roon I was running LMS on that NAS too. It would be nice to continue serving my media from the very same place where my media files sit, instead of keeping up another computer and using twice the bandwidth in the network to stream my files…

Whereas some of us could do a one-off hack to get a NAS package with the core inside, keeping up with NAS platform changes, and roon software changes to adapt the package would soon interfere with day to day life…

That is why I believe the Roon team should consider selecting some of these NAS platforms and support them.

Maybe instead of a native NAS package, a Docker or VM image could be provided, which could be used even in other environments. Whatever the approach, I believe it should be the Roon team pushing it, instead of the community hacking a variety of solutions.


Asustor 7004T now has i3 or i5 CPU. I’ve phoned them to reconsider to make RoonServer on their platform.

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It’s a pity that supporting Roon is not their priority.

Hello there,

I have 7004T and just realized i cannot install the Roon? I’ve been told that this version of NAS is based on QNAP and everything is the same ( software)? I bought this server particulary for Roon and now i’m stuck.
Can anyone help me?

write to Asustor, and see if they can speed up the process.