At 10:53 CDT, Roon/TIDAL Slowed to a Crawl

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What is this post about?

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reported unusual behavior of the roon or TIDAL server(s).

Hey @John_V,

Can you elaborate a bit more on exactly what you experienced here?

  • Was playback still working?
  • Was it just navigating the UI that was slowed down?
  • How long did this behavior last?
  • Was the network in use outside of Roon?


Happening now too, 11:40CST. Playback fine, playstart way slow (1+ minute/track); other functions like a 5-album merge took about 2 minutes. Version rendering abt 30 seconds. All involved local library. Continued yesterday for at least an hour; had to quit.

TV streaming while using Roon. Other internet uses seemingly unaffected (i.e. peppy screen draws).

Today, much the same thing. Absolutely No playback errors, once it gets started.

TIDAL seems typical; 5-6 seconds to pull up random cuts

I appreciate the info, @John_V!

Just to confirm, the setup information in your profile is up to date, correct?

  • How often would you say this type of slowdown occurs?
  • Does a reboot of the machine typically resolve this behavior?
  • Does this behavior occur for all remotes? If you notice slowness on one of the remotes and switch to another, does it also experience this?
  • How long do the functions listed above typically take you when things aren’t slowed down with your setup?


Yep everything current. Dylan, just so you know, this is occasional only. I report performance abnormalities to alert about a possible server malfunction. But, of course, it could also be 12 other things. If these reports are a detraction, or should be reported elsewhere, I hope you will let me know.

As of now, performance is back to normal.

I appreciate the update here, @John_V, and I’m glad to hear that things are currently working as expected.

There are certainly a number of different possibilities for what may be causing these temporary slowdowns. This could be hardware or networking related, among other things. Moving forward, finding some patterns as to what seems to trigger these slowdowns for you would definitely be the next step. If you’re able to find a set of steps that consistently causes you to get into this state please let us know and we can take a closer look.


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