At End of MultiChannel DSD256 Albums Always a Loud Pop That Can Blow Tweeters But Only If Speaker Distance Settings Are Enabled!

If you use ROON for multi-channel and have some DSD256 multi-channel albums, or if you can upsample to DSD256, please play the very end of the albums at a low level (so you do not get loud pops to blow out your tweeters) and tell us if you also get the loud pops. Before you try this, go into the DSP settings and set and apply speaker distances. In my system, with my previous Sonic Transporter i7, and now with my Exasound Delta server, this occurs. Its obviously the “fault” of the ROON software, not the servers, because it occurs with both servers whenever DSD256 multi-channel is played AND speaker distances are enabled in the DSP settings. I did a ROON support tag on this several months ago but ROON has done nothing to remedy this. Its especially frustrating because I have some native DSD256 Yuko Mabuchi and other stuff and if I want to play at a good level, I need to downsample to DSD128 to avoid the loud pop that can blow my tweeters!

Tried that exactly and there are no loud pops. Not with Jriver either.

@Steve_Bruzonsky Which DAC?

s88 via USB

Noted but I was asking Steve (tagged him).

Good info though, in case he has same DAC.

I believe he does.

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s88 but using ROON Ready ethernet. The issue isn’t the DAC. The issue is in ROON processing in the ROON Core. This has occurred both with my Sonic Transporter i7 for ROON DSP and now with my fairly new Exasound Delta server. Both of these servers run a Linux system. I believe Kal uses a Windows 10 PC as his ROON Core. So the issue could well be with ROON Core Linux! Hopefully we’ll get more feedback from others here.

Just to eliminate another variable, I tried it using the s88 as ROON Ready via ethernet although still with my Win10 core host. No problems.


No problem here, streaming from Windows 10 to exaSound Sigma & e38 via Ethernet.

Very happy, unsure why, but I do not have this problem anymore!!@@@ YEA! I love my Exasound s88 7.1 channel DAC and also Exasound Delta ROON Core.