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Hello, I have a wireless access point that have ethernet outputs built in. Is it better for me to connect my Roon core and Roon bridge to the router or feed ethernet to my network switch and connect it to that? I am using an intel nuc and Ifi Zenstream.

Like which option is more stable/less noisy. I want the best option possible.
Also, has anybody tried upgrading ethernet cables and noticed an improved sound or improved stability?


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Typically WiFi access points or WiFi mesh devices work best if they are connected via Ethernet cables directly back to the primary router. If you have the means to do this, then it does not matter where you connect your Roon Core as it will be seen on the network as a wired connection.

If the above is not an option, then it is probably best to connect your Roon Core via an Ethernet cable directly to your primary router as this eliminates any potential issues with WiFi performance with the most critical component of the Roon chain.


I would avoid connecting your core over wi-fi. Roon recommends not doing that. Connect to your router directly or via a network switch - makes no difference.

As far as ethernet cables go, some will say they make a difference. Those of us with technical knowledge of networks disagree. Whatever you do, avoid using shielded cables (Cat6A, Cat7 & Cat8). The shielding can cause ground loops, noise and hum.

Shielded cables are for use in industrial environments and in data centres, not for home audio use.

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Agree with both @Graeme_Finlayson and @Robert_F

If you connect to the ports on the AP, your throughout will be shared with the AP and connected device(s).

More stable if all ethernet.

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