Attached pics invisible in Covers/ subdir in album, but visible in scans/

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

NUC 7i7 8/256 Ubuntu20 Core 1.7 latest build, library on external USB3 hdd

Description Of Issue

new rooner, but experienced unixoid here.

for example - album in library:


when pictures is in Covers/ subdir - roon doesn’t see it. when I rename this subdir to scans/ - it will se it. when I rename it co KOVERS/ (for example) - it won’t again…

question: what is a correct subdir names for attached graphics? or need I place those pics in album main directory?

maybe any public info on that topic in kb/help?

Hello @sergej_teregeshev, my apologies for the delayed response on this thread. I’d like to run a few items by our QA team for you. In the meantime, are the covers able to be seen if you but the album and the cover in the album directly without creating a subfolder?

for example:

as you see - it’s 2 pics attached:

but here’s directory structure for album (/etx/roon/ is a watched subdir of roon core on this same linux machine):

there’re additional 10 jpegs in covers/ subdir in main album directory, invisible in roon’s UI.

let’s rename covers/ to scans/ …


we have 12 attached pics.

and there’s more:

if a then rename scans/ into covers/ (or anything else like XXXX/) again - 12 pics is here to stay in UI.

but I currently have a lot of albums with pics in covers/ subdir which is invisible in UI - but it was always visible if they AT FIRST located in scans/ subdir

so - ‘scans’ is magic word, ‘Covers’ or ‘covers’ is not… where’s that’s documented?

Hello @sergej_teregeshev, and thanks for the update! I have created a ticket for our QA team which has since been assigned to a member of the team. I’ll return with their feedback shortly!

thank you, and if you need some additional tests - just write me a hands-up!

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