Attended Gramaphone 40th Party Last Night

I went to Gramophone’s 40th anniversary party last night right next to my home. Gramophone is an audio dealer who I buy equipment from. they had an open bar and BBQ.

  • I got to ask the NAD/BlueSound rep when Bluesound would be Roon enabled and he told me that it would be the update after next and that should land before New Years.
  • I got to listen to the new BW 800 D3 bi-amped with 700 Class A watts per speaker. Amazing. But it should be for 30K/pair speakers with 50k of amplification.
  • I listened to the new SKY monitor by Totem. Sounds pretty good. I am a big Totem fan as I love their imaging and ease of placement.

Overall a great night and I got a new mug to drink my morning coffee.


On the bright side I expect it could double as a heater so some savings there …

Great! I just embraced bluesound in a major way (couple of their minis, a node2 and a powernode2). I’ll actually be able to use roon after it’s available on bluesound.

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