Audeze Forum Page Broken

I want to visit the Forum Audeze page and post a comment but the link is broken. If I click on “Audeze” from the main Forum page it fails.

What’s the exact link you’re clicking?

@mike If You click on “all categories” "Audeze is at the bottom of the list. Clicking on it gets “Page Not Found while trying to load /c/audeze/l/latest.json”

If you go to the front page of the forum where all categories are listed (i.e. Roon Software, Support, Audio Products, etc). Under ‘Audio Products’ is the link to Audeze. This link does not work (Page not found).

Hrmm, no issues for me:

Can you guys confirm what browser and platform you’re using?

Have you tried doing a “hard refresh” of the Community Site?

I can confirm that as of 1:17PM on 5-Oct it is now working here. Seems like a DNS propagation issue that just needed some time to makes its way thru the ether.


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I’v seen this too for other forum links … they resolve after a period of time.