Audeze LCD-1 DSP configuration

Roon has a DSP configuration set for the Audeze headphones.

I’m wondering if the LCD-1 is going to be added to the list of supported devices, as this one is on my list for Christmas present :wink:

The Audeze presets on Roon are based on the legacy version of Audeze Reveal (just better because you’re using Roon’s superior DSP and have an additional linear filter). Audeze has moved on to their new version, which is called Reveal+ and is no longer free. And since it says on their website that the Audeze Reveal Legacy is supported for “2018 and older models” of Audeze headphones, I’d have to guess that Audeze would rather not mess with the Legacy version anymore and focus on the new version. See:

I’m sure Audeze would wanna work on it as long as it gives them enough new Reveal+ sales. Personally, I’m willing to purchase a Audeze Reveal+ license if it will be fully supported with Roon, but I can’t speak for everyone.

Adding to Harry’s request (I made a separate post), I’d like to see them add the LCD-24, or better yet add the ability to use the plugin. That would solve the problems going forward.


We have provided LCD-1, LCD-GX and LCD-X/XC 2021 presets to Roon, they should become available on the nest Roon update

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I have Audeze LCD-1 headphones. On a whim, I checked the DSP settings to see if they had been added to the DSP Audeze filters. They have. Roon 1.8 build 831 has them. And the effect is stunning. The hole in the middle is gone. The sound is more reverberant. A big improvement in the LCD-1 timbre and soundstage. Bass and bass guitar are cleaned up and brought forward correcting LCD-1 low end roll off. Cymbals become clearer with more shimmer and ride. Midrange remains smooth and rich. Nicely done, Audeze.

Roon Knowledge Base has a good discussion of how the Audeze filters are implemented. Roon uses convolution to implement the Audeze Reveal filters in the time domain. Audeze need only provide the filter impulse response to Roon. There is no need to disclose any secret sauce. Just a vector of numbers for each filter to be provided.

This is a good way to do it as it avoids the complexity of adding pro audio plugin support to Roon. Down at the bottom you can pick the Audeze “low latency” filter (shorter impulse response, I guess) or the Audeze linear filter. A slider lets you adjust the amount of filtered sound in the output from Dry to Wet. Default setting is the wet. There’s no need to mess with it.


@KMan , Any chance getting a preset for the LCD-24?